Sunday, January 22, 2012

Casino War is not Roulette

Make sure you have good cards or you'll end up like this guy....
The tie bet that the player can make during the game of casino war pays an incredible 10:1 payout, the house bet however on this bet is 18%. If the player decides to go to war with the dealer in the event of a tie, the online casino edge is 2.9% if you go to war and 3.7% if you surrender. Any serious player of casino war will recommend a number of strategies to the new player. First of all it is not statistically viable to bet with the tie bet as the chances of actually winning it are so low. In the event of a tie the player is always advised to go to war, apart from the fun element of the war the player has a great chance of winning the war and will in fact lose more with a surrender than he will gain in the event of a win.

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