Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Felix Baumgartner Falls at Supersonic speeds

felix baumgartner sky diving at super sonic speedsPerhaps the most popular of all the casino games at the online casino is the game of slots. Slots are known as pokies in Australia and fruit machines in the UK. Slots were originally made up of three reels, with simple designs. When the reels would cease rolling the player would be a winner if matching symbols appeared on the line. Nowadays and due to the sophistication of technology, slots come in many different formats with numerous reels, paylines and ways to win. There are literally hundreds of different slot machine games from the simple fruit machine reels to the most sophisticated progressive slots. The attraction of the game lies in its simple game play and the fact that the player does not need to use too much strategy as other casino games such as blackjack require. The moving reels are exciting, much as the spinning wheel is in the game of roulette.

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