Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Giraffe Stuff

Cartoon Giraffe
So you’ve set up your personal online casino account and now you’re ready to start playing casino games. Now all that’s you have to do is to choose your game and let the good times roll. Correct? Not quite. You can select a random game but you might wind up with an unpleasant surprise. Playing online casino games isn't a fool-proof way to earn prizes but if you follow a few simple rules you can be an online casino success story. Regardless of whether you prefer your games to be action-filled or slow-paced, interactive and competitive or simple and straightforward or high-stakes or low-stakes you can get more out of your gaming experience if you pay attention to some of the lessons that other players have learned previously. For one thing, don't jump into the online casino without any preparation. Work on a puzzle, do some mazes or enjoy another low-tech game challenge before you open your casino account. It's tempting to open your casino account and settle down with some gaming fun after a long day of work and home responsibilities but taking a few minutes to do some mazes or puzzles will stretch your cognitive skills so that you'll then be  ready to devote your best to your online casino experience. Next, look at your game. Have you practiced? Did you study everything that you can possibly learn about the game? There's a Practice Mode at the casino where you can practice any of your games for free before you sign in to play for real in the Real Mode.  Practice the game, including all of its versions, and pay attention to any bonus rounds. The more that you know about your game, the higher chances will be that you'll be ready to play and succeed when you play for real. Does any wagering strategy apply to your game? Wagering strategies aren't associated with slot machines and lottery games but they're an important part of table games and card games. Betting strategies aren't right for all players but they offer an excellent way of organizing your play if you're looking for a more efficient method of wagering. You might want to try the Martingale strategy in which bets are place based on a previous round's performance or the prime number strategy in which you bet on prime numbers in the belief that those numbers come up more frequently.  
maze of giraffe pattern
Giraffe Maze - Maze Solution

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