Monday, December 26, 2011

Blackjack Tables Energy

The Blackjack Table at a Casino

The Energy of the Blackjack Tables

Artwork centered around the emotions and dynamics of a Blackjack table.

 The fuel that drives the emotional pentameter of the casino is without doubt the swings from winning to loosing that casinos attribute to their players. The difference in the emotional state of someone who is up $100,000 is far different from someone who is down $100,000 and these details can be seen and captured by a good artist. Aside from everyone trying to maintain their "Poker Face", the truth bleeds out and infects all those around. The Black jack table is an interesting study, as the dealer is just another person doing their job, bordering on keeping busy and boredom, while the players swing from gaining to loosing large swaths of chips, in a roller-coaster of fun and big time losses for others.

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