Thursday, December 22, 2011

Roulette Royale, the Ultimate Roulette Game

Read how roulette royale is played, why it is more fun than classic roulette and discover why it is so popular among roulette fans.

An Overview
The Roulette wheel is a symbol of casinos.
Roulette Royale is an exciting addition to the classic roulette game. While the ordinary roulette game bears certain similarities to lottery games, roulette is still in a gaming niche of it's own. This is due to several reasons. First of all, there are several gambling options in roulette. This allows the player to choose the odds he wishes to play with. In addition, in regular roulette, the best win is a 35 to 1 of a specific number. In most lotteries, the big jackpot is a much higher stake (and the odds of winning are appropriately lower). Roulette royale adds another dimension to the game that brings the game closer to the lottery games. In roulette royale, aside from the regular roulette game the player participates in a side bet that is won if the same number comes up consecutively five times. Some casinos have an option of a smaller jackpot for three consecutive times. The total jackpot won is the sum of all the bets accumulated by the participation fee. This sum can be quite impressive.

Roulette Royale as a Progressive roulette game
Once the rules of roulette royale are clear, it is obvious why it is also known as progressive roulette. The game of roulette royale adds some fine flavor to the classic game. Although the basic gamble at roulette royale is slightly more expensive as part of the sum goes to participation in the progressive game, there is an added benefit as well. In roulette royale, the player gets to enjoy playing roulette and participating in a big jackpot simultaneously. The occasional big win serves to add a great deal of enjoyment to an already great game.

The Broad Appeal
It is precisely this combination of several gaming elements that serves to make roulette royale so popular. Roulette has been called the “king of casinos”. With it’s uniquely broad appeal, roulette royale is indeed the “cream of royalty”. Thus, roulette royale certainly justifies the royal name it has been given.

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