Thursday, March 21, 2013

G Blackjack

For online gamers who are ready to expand their gaming horizons, the blackjack tournament offers an exciting online blackjack adventure of fun and thrills. Online blackjack tournaments vary in their rules and modes of play including different entrance fees, number of sets, numbers of players, betting schedules and prizes awarded. In general, players enter the tournament, pay their deposit and sit at virtual tables with other players. The player receives a pre-determined number of chips and can place his wager according to the minimum and maximum bet limits for that game. The winners of that round can then move on to the next set where the betting limits have been raised. After that second round the last few winners enter the third round where all players are grouped at one virtual blackjack table. The betting limits are quite high and the gamers play through the hands of that round with game prizes awarded at the end of the last round. Gamers can choose the type of tournament that fits their schedule, including a Sit and Go Tournament which begins whenever a specified number of players sign in to play, and a Scheduled Tournament which starts at a pre-determined day and time.

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