Monday, April 29, 2013

Online Blackjack

online blackjack golden cat op art
Playing online blackjack requires concentration, nerve, risk taking and an understanding of the details of the game. While this is the same as playing blackjack in a land-based casino, there is one huge advantage of playing blackjack online. When you are in a land-based casino, you do not control the environment. It is very easy to get distracted by all the flashing lights and crowds of a land-based casino. When you are playing from home, you decide what will be around you when you play. So even if you want to put your pet cat on your lap and play while petting the cat, you can do so. The reason that you might actually want to play with a cat on your lap is that it can help you concentrate. Especially if you can get the cat to emit a contented purr, it will help you relax and focus on the game as petting the cat will release chemicals into your brain that are known to increase concentration and focus. Obviously everyone is different and for some people the increase in concentration using the cat technique will be greater than in others. But it is worth a try if you want to play blackjack at home and you have a cat. If you don’t have a cat, you may want to borrow a friend’s cat to give it a try and see if it will work for you. If it does, think about getting your own cat.

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