Sunday, July 15, 2012

Casino Stars in her eyes - the dry martini

World events change continuously but for hundreds of years casinos have weathered economic downturns, political crises and even wars as they continue to serve as a popular entertainment venue for players from all walks of life. Casinos will always be prepared to accommodate the crowds who come to gamble, regardless of whatever else may be happening in the world. Although casinos earn the largest portion of their income from the games, today's casinos don't market themselves as gambling venues but rather as vacation sites and resorts. Guests don't necessarily come to the casinos to gamble but the casinos steer them to the gaming area by creating an atmosphere which propels the guests to the gaming floor. The entire casino environment, including the luxury suites, the world-renowned eateries, the high-end shops and the headlining performances dazzle the casino guests as the casino presents the games as an opportunity which cannot be missed.    

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